little brutes


Little Brutes is Rachael Cantu and Harlan Silverman, an LA based indie-pop duo with irresistible melodies, infectious lyrics and beautifully executed instrumentation.

While on tour with B.B. King, promoting Rachael’s latest album, Harlan joined Rachael on stage as her lead guitarist/backing vocalist. During their downtime on the southern leg of the tour, Harlan and Rachael began their collaboration almost accidentally. In their dressing room before shows, Harlan would improvise guitar melodies while Rachael made up lyrics to go along. 

What initially began as a fun and creative way to pass the time turned into an easy and organic songwriting partnership. The seeds of the songs they wrote while traveling with B.B. King have grown into their debut EP, an earnest reflection of the duality of loving life on the road and missing the loved ones left behind.